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October 26, 2022

By Karen Murdarasi

October 26, 2022

By Karen Murdarasi (board member)

Human trafficking is something that has concerned me since I was a missionary in Albania in the mid-2000s. I heard the stories when I was out there, and put some of those themes into my first novel. When I returned to the UK, I ended up working as an Albanian interpreter, which means that I work first-hand with trafficking victims.

I first found out about Restore through a friend who was already a member. I told her about a craft group I was trying to set up for asylum seekers (although the pandemic soon put paid to that) and she suggested that I get in contact with Restore because I had similar interests.

It’s now three years later. I’ve been to lots of Restore prayer meetings, a couple of awareness-raising events, and I’ve even helped to deliver some training. Although it was hard to keep going during the pandemic, when everyone was Zoomed out, we persisted in meeting because we believe in the power of prayer.

Now Restore is a fledgling charity, and I’m on the tiny Board! I look forward to seeing how God plans to use us to continue combatting trafficking over the next few years.

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