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About us

We are tackling human trafficking in Glasgow. We want to inspire and equip others to join in.

Restore Glasgow

Why bother?

The vision for Restore Glasgow began in Mumbai, India. When our Development Manager Joy visited, she saw ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the midst of heart-breaking darkness. 

And that’s Restore’s vision – that although we’re just ordinary – by praying and working together we can help make Glasgow an inhospitable place to traffickers. Watch now.

Who we are

Restore Glasgow started because we knew trafficking was happening all around us, hidden in plain sight. But we couldn’t find any other groups in Glasgow who were raising awareness.

We are an anti-trafficking charity and our core group is made up of people from churches across Glasgow. We started in 2018 with help from International Justice Mission UK and Parkhead Nazarene Church.

We got charity status in January 2022. We are a membership organisation.

Restore Glasgow - Tackling Human Trafficking
Restore Glasgow City

Our vision

Our vision is to combat human trafficking in Glasgow through prayer, training, campaigning and partnership working.

We want to:

  • equip as many people in Glasgow to be able to spot and report the signs of human trafficking
  • generate more prayer on the issue
  • campaign to tackle the issue at source.

Our values



Human trafficking is horrific – but we draw people’s attention to the difference we can make. Change is possible if we all work together.


We believe that through prayer God can equip us and guide us. He will bring light into darkness.


We don’t want to duplicate work but will look for the spaces and things not being done.



Change happens through relationships. We will focus on face to face interactions rather than relying on digital communications – this is reflected in the way the core group operates and in how we raise awareness.


We are here to serve – we recognize the great work already being done in Glasgow and want to find ways to serve those involved.


We’re focused on Glasgow and spotting the signs in our communities so that more rescues take place here. We all attend churches in Glasgow.

Restore Glasgow City - Tenements


We’re a membership organisation. By becoming a member, you:

  • are committing to getting involved in tackling trafficking in Glasgow,
  • will have the opportunity to nominate Board members and vote at our AGMs – shaping the direction of Restore Glasgow.

Find out more about becoming a member 

Our core team

Restore Glasgow Board - Emma White
Emma White


I’m Chair of the Restore Glasgow Board and co-founder. I’m a part-time Pastor and I love ice-skating and exploring beautiful Scotland.

Restore Glasgow Board - Karen Smith
Karen Smith


I’m Restore’s Treasurer and a retired Chartered Accountant. I love leading worship and camping (not at the same time!)

Restore Glasgow Board - Karen Murdarasi
Karen Murdarasi


I’m Restore’s Secretary and responsible for membership records and beautifully colour coded minutes. I’m an author and translator and have written articles on trafficking.

Restore Glasgow Board - Joy Andrews
Joy Andrew

Development Manager

I’m Development Manager and co-founder of Restore.
I work part-time here and I’m a fundraiser at Glasgow City Mission. I’m happiest up a mountain or by the sea.

Restore Glasgow City

Charity status

We were pleased to receive our charity status in January 2022. Our Charity Number is: SC051492

This means that we are able to receive donations towards our work and apply Gift Aid where appropriate.